20 writing prompts for self love
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30 Writing prompts for Self Care

Life can get crazy and hectic, so I’m here with 30 writing prompts for self care, love and positivity to make it a little easier. My hope is to help it easier to love yourself, and give yourself some time for some self care.

It can be hard to prioritise and find the time to practice self care. Writing is such a great way to start off your self care journey. But it’s also definitely something which you should keep doing throughout your self care experience.

Writing and journaling can be calming and relaxing. Not just that, but it can also be good to sit down, and have some peace and quiet for yourself. Having said that, it can be hard to just start writing from nothing, so some journal prompts are here to help! I think it really helps to have prompts and questions to answer. Helps me to kick start the thought process, and really start to think about things that matter to me.

Finding the time for yourself can be, and is so difficult, and we often put ourselves on the bottom of our priority lists. So if these prompts can help you take just a moment for yourself, I’ll be so happy and grateful!

What are some ways you practice self care and love? Have you tried journaling and writing? Please share your thoughts and ideas with me, I’d love to hear about them!

rina kay self care writing prompts

Self Care Writing Prompts

  1. What are five things that makes me smile?
  2. Five things that I am grateful for are…
  3. What does love mean to me?
  4. A physical feature I love about myself is…
  5. What are three things I love about myself?
  6. Something that I enjoy doing is…
  7. What is something that makes me feel safe?
  8. If I had more time I would…
  9. What is something that I want to start doing again?
  10. If I could never fail, I would…
  11. Who is someone that I admire?
  12. Five positive words to describe myself are…
  13. My favourite story is?
  14. What makes me feel relaxed?
  15. A sound that I love is…?
  16. What is my favourite smell?
  17. Five things that make me proud?
  18. Self care practices to try for myself are…
  19. What are my favourite things about myself?
  20. Positive ways to improve my happiness are…
  21. Five bad habits I’d like to quit are…
  22. And five good habits I’d like to start are…
  23. Something that I have accomplished this year is…
  24. Write down anything that is making me feel anxious or angry
  25. What does my “ideal” day look like?
  26. How does my “ideal” life look like?
  27. Who is someone that I love?
  28. Five compliments about my body and mind are…
  29. I can treat myself better by…
  30. Write a love or thank you letter to myself

I really hope you liked this post, and that you take some time for yourself and practice some self care. Give yourself some love, and boost your positivity and confidence – you deserve it!Ā You can also find so many more self care ideas, as well as journaling ideas over on my Pinterest boards.Ā 

Thank you so much for joining me, and I hope we can work together to embrace ourselves and feel confident. Let’s treat ourselves with the love and respect we give to so many other people around us.

See you in the next one,


rina kay self care writing promptsrina kay self care writing prompts


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