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Hi there!

Welcome to my blog, I’m so happy you’re here😊

I’m Rina, and I come from Tokyo, Japan. I currently live in London, and I am an experimental physicist, researching antimatter physics.

I love traveling, baking and exploring the cities I’m in, finding picturesque spots as well as cafés and restaurants. Skincare and beauty are my two passions which I religiously follow and update, and I hope to share and review products and routines that I’ve been trying out.

I’m still a PhD student, but I love blogging and sharing my passions with all of you! If you like what I do and are able to, it would mean everything to me if you could support me on ko-fi!

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Some of my regular posts are monthly favourites (which I usually post on the last day of every month) and monthly goals (which I usually post on the first day of every month). I sum up the best parts of skincare, beauty, books, restaurants, events, exhibits and more! 

I’d love for you to join me on my blogging journey, and I hope you connect with me!

See you around!


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