April goals

2019 hasn’t been such a fantastic start so far with goals – I actually haven’t managed to hit any of them πŸ˜“ I did go self hosted at the end of February which was my biggest for the start of the year!

I have been getting a lot better with blogging, but I’m still struggling with consistency or followers. I’m really trying to improve by preparing in advance and using automatic schedulers like tweetdeck and later.

What are your goals for this month, and how was your March goals?Β 


April goals - summary

Current twitter followers: 1496
I’m currently 4 followers away from my March goals of 1500 followers πŸ™ I had really hoped to reach my goals, but I think it got close enough, so I’m going to stick to my plan of 1800 followers for the next month goals! I really hope I can hit my next goal – I’m going to try as hard as possible to be consistent. I love interacting with everyone on twitter, but work can get so hectic and time consuming that I always end up too tired to be on social media 😣😣 I’ve been trying to schedule some more tweets too, using tweetdeck which has definitely been helpful!

April Goals: 1800


Current instagram followers: 402
Instagram has been SO hard for me to grow – its been stuck on around 380/390 for months and months. I’ve been doing a lot better since using Later, which is a free scheduling tool for instagram! You get 30 free posts a month, but if you use my link here to sign up, we can both get an additional 15 posts a month, all for free! My goal for this month might be a bit ambitious, but I’m really hoping this is the month I can finally grow my instagram.

April Goals: 500


Current Pinterest viewers: 8.9k
I’ve been struggling a bit on pinterest, mostly because I haven’t fully grasped how it totally works. I’ve joined some group boards, and trying to learn to pin consistently. I might have to get onto tailwind, but right now its not something I can afford. Hopefully, making more consistent blog posts can help me produce more pins.

April Goals: 15k

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Instagram has been really hard to grow – I’m finally on 400 followers, but the follow/unfollow game is strong on this platform! I don’t think my stats fluctuate more on any other social media. I can go from 390 to 410 in a few hours! On average, its been really hard to see actual growth on instagram, and I find that people follow then unfollow me within a space of a few hours if I don’t follow back immediately. I’ve also realised that not everyone remains following just because you follow them back – a lot wait for you to follow back, then promptly unfollow.

I always try to only follow back profiles I’m genuinely interested in and want to see on my feed – otherwise the follow/unfollow game is too much!

instagram stats march 2019

Since trying to post more consistently using later, I’ve managed to get more analytics and insights into my followers. This was the first proper month that my analytics weren’t just random, because I’d actually managed to post everyday using the scheduler. Its really interesting to see the time of day people seem to spend on instagram – 3 to 6PM UK time seems to be the peak for me! 


This month I hope to post at least once a day, and also upload more content to my instagram stories. In terms of stats, I’d like my reach to grow to 1500, impressions to 4000 and my followers to 500.

Instagram 2019 goals
Followers 40%


March was a lot better on twitter compared to February! I actually did manage to grow on almost all areas, including engagement and following. My stats on impressions, mentions and engagement isn’t as good as they were back in November 2018, but things are definitely on the up.


I almost made it to my goal of 1500 – I’ve been really struggling to hit this mark, mostly because I’ve been so inconsistent on twitter. Although I LOVE this platform (I think its my favourite way to interact with people!) I definitely find it hard to find the time of day when work gets hectic. I’m hoping to increase my engagement in April, and tweet more consistently. One thing I definitely want to do is respond quicker, and be more interacting. I hate thinking that I’m being slow and tardy, and I’d also definitely like to make more friends!


I’d love to hit 1800 followers on twitter by the end of the month, so thats 300 new followers! Is that too ambitious?!Β 

Twitter 2019 goals
Followers 21%


I’m REALLY trying to get into pinterest, I had ONE good day this month (you can see it below!) but otherwise its been pretty dire. I was hoping to hit 10k monthly unique views, and although it peaked at one point at 9.8k, I ended the month on closer to 8.5k. I definitely need to focus more on pinterest this month, and hopefully drive some traffic to my blog. Its interesting to see which pins are doing better than others, and I’ve finally caught on to group boards.


Again, consistency is key for me here. I need to be pinning daily, multiple times preferably. I also want to make new pins, at least 3 per post, and go back to older blog posts and create pins for those as well. My referrals from pinterest to my blog is almost non existent, and I know it has amazing potential so I really want to sink some more time into this!


I’m really hoping that with trying to improve the design of my pins, using group boards effectively and pinning more consistently, I’ll be able to reach 15k monthly unique views. If anyone has any pinterest tips, please let me know!

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Thats it on my blogging aims for this month, what about you? I’d love to know what your goals are πŸ™‚Β 

Please also let me know if you’ve got any advice! I feel like my blogging consistency has been diabolical – I can only apologise for that!

See you in the next one,



  • Sandy

    Hi Rina,

    Great goals! Looking forward to following you and seeing you reach those numbers! Instagram and Pinterest have been hard for me and I have been taking some courses for Pinterest. Im hoping to see it grow more over time and to keeping up with staying consistent. I have signed up for tailwind and it has helped tremendously. I have a couple pins scheduled each day and then I also pin manually.

    Thank you for sharing your analytics with us! This post was inspiring!


    • Rina Kay

      Hi Sandy, thank you so much! I’ve tried looking for courses for pinterest without focussing on tailwind, but its starting to seem like thats the only way! Thank you – that means a lot to me! Wishing you all the luck for growing your instagram and pinterest – consistency is such a big issue for me. X

  • Tinka

    I totally get where you are coming from here! I have had a rather tough time with reaching my goals and social media seems to be failing me in ever direction I turn, especially Instagram! Though I have found more love and support from other bloggers in Twitter. I really hope this month is different for you and you reach some of your goalsπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ’œ

    • Rina Kay

      Instagram is so frustrating! I’m really struggling – today I’m back down to 398 😣
      I’m loving twitter, I think its always been my favourite platform. I hope you reach your goals too, and that social media starts to work in our favour! Thank you so much for reading and commenting xx

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