I LOVE travelling, and sharing travel tips, goals and itineraries. I write about travel ideas, packing tips, places to go, and things to do. It's something I wish I could do more of. Long-haul flights is something I do often, so I'm also sharing packing tips and secrets as well as skincare tricks for when you're flying. I review cities, countries, restaurants and hotels - anywhere from Lisbon to Cairns! Let me know if you want any information about somewhere I've been. I'd be happy to whip up some recommendations! Japan travel series is dedicated to travelling around my home country of Japan. Local guides on everything you need to know about travelling in Japan and tips and tricks! Living in London for almost 15 years, I'll soon be doing a London travel guide too. I want to share secret local London places with you all! Things to do, whats worth it and what isn't. All the typical tourist pitfalls, and where you should definitely be going.