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Christmas 2019 – FREE Blogmas Guide and Printable Planners Download!

Christmas 2019 - Free Blogmas Printables

I am SO excited to share Christmas 2019 free BLOGMAS printable planners! I have been waiting for blogmas for SO long, but then all of a sudden it’s around the corner!

Will you be participating in BLOGMAS? Or maybe you don’t know what it is or why you should do it?

Don’t worry! I’ve got you covered.

I did my first BLOGMAS last year, and it was definitely hard work, but so worth it! So stay with me, and let’s enjoy this Christmas together 🙂 

Stay tuned and get your free download sign up link below! It’s completely free, and comes off from my free printable planners earlier this year. Of course, this one is all for blogmas and Christmas 2019!

Hopefully the planners will come in useful for you too!

christmas 2019 blogmas guide and planner

Blogmas is when you upload a blog post every day, starting on December 1st and ending on December 25th. It’s basically like an advent calendar of Blog posts!

This is A LOT of commitment, and it can be hard to keep up. Which is why I’m providing these free printable planners!

If 25 posts in a row sounds like a lot of work, that’s because it is. You can chose to write more, or less of course, depending on what is realistic for you. A popular alternative is doing a 12 days of Blogmas!

It’s a great way to participate in Blogmas without having to post every single day. I personally will be doing 12 days of Blogmas!

Firstly – because it’s fun!

Christmas is my favourite holiday, and I love Blogmas because it really creates this Christmas feeling in the blogging world!

What’s great about it is that if you properly utilise SEO, pinterest and create good, quality content, with a little updating, google will continue to rank you every Christmas!

So decide if you want to participate – of course you don’t have to do 25 or 12 posts. Make blogmas your own, and have fun with it!

But I will say this – either way, you NEED to plan. Plan, plan and plan some more, and make sure you’re not overwhelmed!

Participate in my version of BLOGMAS 2019 too! I’ll be updating every other day, and posting Christmas related content. I’m so excited for Christmas 2019 – I hope it’s as great as last year!

Please connect with me on social media:

Or click on the links above! I’d love to follow your BLOGMAS journey too! I’d love to feature you on my social media accounts, so tag me or use #BlogmasWithRina so I can RT and share the love this Christmas!

FREE Printables for Christmas 2019!

Simply enter your email below, and subscribe to get your free printable planners for Blogmas! 

You will receive an email, with a password to access the download page on my site.

I’m so excited for you to download it!

Check out my BLOGMAS from 2018 if you’re looking for any ideas!

Once again, thank you SO much for checking out and downloading my Christmas 2019 Free BLOGMAS printables! Don’t forget to tag me or use #BlogmasWithRina and connect with me!

Happy blogging!

See you in the next one,


christmas 2019 blogmas guide and planner christmas 2019 blogmas guide and planner


  • Baby Boomer Super Saver

    I participated in Blogmas for the first time last year. It was a lot of fun, but I couldn’t keep it up for the whole 25 days. The 12 Days of Blogmas sounds like a winner to me! I’ll be looking forward to your posts for Blogmas. I subscribed with my personal email.

    • Rina Kay

      It’s definitely a lot of dedication and a lot of work! 12 days of Blogmas is just right for me right now – I hope you have fun with it too! Thank you so much! I really appreciate it 🥰 Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

  • Adventure Aficionado

    This is really interesting! I didn’t know Blogmas was a thing (or is now a thing!), but that seems like a great idea. I commend those who are able to do 25 posts in the time frame, but I think I may just try it after all!

    • Rina Kay

      It’s definitely worth a try! I had a lot of fun last year, although it was definitely hard work! Good luck – I hope the planner comes in useful for you if you try blogmas this year! Thank you for commenting 🙂

  • Hannah

    I did Blogmas last year and definitely agree that planning is key! It’s a lot harder than you think!! I love reading everyone’s posts and getting into the holiday spirit so will be sure to check your posts out 🙂 I’ll just be doing a few Christmas related posts but not Blogmas specifically as I don’t feel I could give it the time it deserves.

    • Rina Kay

      It is so hard! Wishing everyone the best of luck this year – I’ll only be doing 12 days this time! Thank you so much – I hope you enjoy it! That’s awesome, that definitely counts as Blogmas I think! Any number of posts in the Christmas spirit is fantastic i think! Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

    • Rina Kay

      Thank you so much! I hope it comes in useful for bloggers – I know I love a good planner! Thank you so much! I’m so excited/scared for it to start, even though I’m only doing 12 days of Blogmas! Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

  • Nancy

    I always admire people who took part of Blogmas. It takes a lot to roll out a post every day! It’s fun to see bloggers sharing their favorite things about the holidays. It is great that you made some printables to help fellow bloggers. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥

    • Rina Kay

      Me too – it was so much effort last year which is why I’m only doing 12 days this year 😅😅 Thank you – I hope it comes in useful for someone, somewhere! Thanks for commenting 🙂 X

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