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Christmas Q&A with Geraldine

I am SO excited and grateful for this post, featuring Geraldine from Geraldine Talks! Her blog is GORGEOUS and is actual #goals, and she is one of the biggest blogging cheerleaders out there for absolutely everyone.

Her joy and motivation is contagious, and her positivity can be seen all over the blogger twitter world! I’m so happy she agreed to my Christmas Q&A, and also so grateful to learn more about her and Christmas in New Jersey!

Please check out her amazing blog here, she also just released some December printables, which are so adorable! You can also connect with her on twitter, if you’re looking for some support and positivity.

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1. What is your favorite Christmas memory?

Geraldine: I really enjoyed wrapping gifts for loved ones and decorating the trees. My favorite memory was when my cousins and I lined up on the living room floor and we’d get handed out presents! I wanted a Barbie ‘laptop’ and I got one that day!!! 😄 I also really wanted one of those Barbie Corvettes but I didn’t get one 😫

Rina: Omg that is so cute!! Barbie laptop sounds amazing though! 🙈

2. Would you say there are any typical traditions in New Jersey for Christmas?

G: Hmm we’re not an ordinary family so we don’t follow those (whatever they are) 🤣 but I think it’s standard as in any other state – go home to family and spend Christmas in that way and have your typical Christmas dinner!!

R: I love that this seems to be common worldwide! Having a proper sit down meal with your family is so important.

3. Would you say that there is a large religious celebration surround Christmas?

G: I don’t know too much on this but I know many attend the midnight mass. We don’t do that though.

R: I’ve never been to midnight mass either 🙈

4. What’s your favorite thing about Christmas?

G: I love that everyone is home and seeing my family member’s faces light up when they open their presents! There’s just so much joy that it’s contagious

R: Thats such a cute response! And you’re definitely right, I love seeing people’s faces opening up presents (if its mine I’m excited/nervous).

5. Who do you usually spend the holidays with?

G: Most of my family are in the Philippines so I just spend it with my mom, my aunt and her family at home!!

R: This is actually true for me too! Most of my family live in Japan, so until recently (2014) I spent Christmas with just my parents and little brother. Now, I spend it with my partner and his entire extended family! I wrote about it more in My Christmas in England post.

6. Does it usually snow where you live?

G: Yes! sometimes we get it really bad in this area whereas other parts of New Jersey is just receiving a light dusting or even rain (I live in northern NJ). There’s no snow on the ground here right now though! And just yesterday we had a weird 60°F weather!

R: That is bizarre! White Christmas always looks so pretty in pictures but in reality a bit of a nightmare!

Once again, I want to thank Geraldine for taking part, and if you can share your experience and answers to any of these questions please do and reply in the comments down below or connect with me on twitter/instagram!

Thank you so much for reading, and theres only 2 more sleeps until Christmas! (Omg!)

See you tomorrow, on Christmas Eve!!


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