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Conscious Lifestyle | How I’m living more consciously

Recently, I’ve been making a personal effort to lead a more conscious lifestyle. I want to share some of the changes that I’ve made, and what has helped me to become more aware of my actions and the world around me.

What is a Conscious Lifestyle?

Let’s start with: what is a conscious lifestyle? I believe that the definition varies for everyone. To me, it’s about awareness, mindfulness, and progress. Taking a moment to pause for yourself and the environment, and thinking about the effects of our thoughts and actions. Starting with small, manageable changes and decisions to improve and progress towards our best self. This includes being mindful of others, and our planet.

Opening our minds up to this will enable us to act with care and love, both of which the planet could use right now!

How can you create a more Conscious Lifestyle?

It’s definitely not easy to lead a conscious lifestyle straight away. Any change takes time, but eventually with practice turns into a habit. These habits define us, so having good habits makes a massive difference to our daily lives. Making these changes part of a lifestyle will be worth it! I hope that some of the tips and advice I’m sharing today will help you with your conscious living journey.

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My tips to leading a more conscious lifestyle

Here are some of the things which I have tried to be more mindful of. I hope that they are helpful to you. Have you made any similar changes or decisions?

Essential eco-friendly items

One of the best purchases I made was this reusable water bottle. It was one of the first changes I made to my lifestyle. Helping me not only to become n more sustainable but also to stay hydrated. I bought a 1.5-liter bottle, which helps me keep track of the amount of water I drink throughout the day.

The same company also makes travel mugs, which are another great way to be eco-friendly. Plastic bottles and disposable cups mostly end up in landfill, despite efforts to recycle them. Not only that, but most places offer a discount if you bring your own mug! However, with the current pandemic, this rule may be different so check with your local stores.

Natural Skincare 

Having an organic skincare routine is something I have been working on and will keep progressing towards. I’ve mentioned some of my favorite drugstore Japanese skincare products before. These are fantastic and affordable products, made in Japan using organic products. Recently, I’ve been finding myself turning back to them more and more. It’s also great for those looking to simplify their skincare routine or have sensitive skin.

I purchased these reusable bamboo cotton pads to replace the disposable ones I had been using. Cotton pads mostly end up in landfills and are also very inefficient to produce. Also, these bamboo cotton buds are a more sustainable alternative. They are not just better for our planet, but also our skin. The soft and washable material is gentle on the skin and doesn’t absorb as much product. This way you produce less rubbish and waste less of your skincare products.

Conscious home life

Creating a safe and calm space at home is so essential to our wellbeing. Especially recently with many of us spending a lot more time indoors, and working from home. Having a relaxing environment away from your working area is also important to establish. Making small changes such as these can make a very big difference!

These beautiful botanical candles have created a luxurious and calming environment in our new home. I love this store as I know everything has been handmade with love, care, and attention. Shopping and supporting small businesses is one of my goals to be more sustainable!

House plants are another addition I’ve been loving. Not only do they brighten your home, but they can lift your mood and even health! They are a natural air purifier, and studies have found they have a physically calming effect on people.

Spider plants in particular are fantastic for boosting humidity indoors, especially during the winter. I’ve been loving our little spider plant from my friend for our new home.

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Home cleaning

In these current times, hygiene and keeping a clean home is extra important. Not only is it fundamental to feel safe in your own space, but also knowing that the products you use are non-toxic. As the ongoing pandemic increases my use of cleaning products, I’ve been turning to Ecover and Method.

I have to admit, my use of antibacterial wipes has also increased this year. Wherever I can, I try to use biodegradable alternatives if I find myself having to use them. There are some I have tried from Dettol and Cif which are very affordable. A new brand I recently discovered is Panda, which has a range of fantastic eco-friendly home and cleaning products.

Slow fashion

Slow Fashion is an awareness and approach to fashion, which considers the processes and resources required to make clothing, particularly focusing on sustainability. It involves buying better-quality garments that will last for longer and values fair treatment of people, animals and the planet. But what does it mean exactly? Slow fashion, is a concept describing the opposite to fast fashion and part of the “slow movement”, which advocates for manufacturing in respect to people, environment and animals. 

I launched my very own online shop, Kuma last week! You can purchase affordable, lovingly homemade accessories, gifts, and clothing. Sign up below to receive your 15% off discount code which is valid until 25th October!

Healthy body and mind

Looking after our body and mind is one of the most important things we can do. It might seem obvious, but it’s also easy to overlook. When I look after my body and mind, other habits like chores and productivity become easier.

One thing I restarted since the start of lockdown is running. In March, I could barely run for 60 seconds straight, and now I run 5k and over at least 3 times a week. The couch to 5k program honestly works!

On top of running, I try and keep up an active strength training program. Right now, I’m doing one of Chloe Ting’s free program. This girl is amazing, and her workouts are so inspiring and fun! I also try and practice yoga at least 5 times a week. Yoga with Adriene is a fantastic source of free yoga classes. I have been practicing with Adriene for over five years now!

Even if you hate running, or yoga is really not in your comfort zone, try to take at least 30 minutes a day to look after your body. Go for a walk, or take an at-home class online. It honestly makes such a difference to our daily lives and mindset.

See you in the next one,


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