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Get To Know Me Tag | 50 Facts

To celebrate reaching 50 followers on my blog, I’ve decided to do a Get To Know Me Tag, with 50 facts about me!

So here they are:

  1. My name is Rina
  2. I live in London, UK
  3. I was born in Japan
  4. And I am fully Japanese
  5. My job/career is being a Physicist
  6. I am doing a PhD in Antimatter Physics
  7. I started blogging because I love beauty and skincare and wanted somewhere to share my passion!
  8. I support Chelsea Football Club (no hate!)
  9. But always support Japan in the World Cup and Olympics
  10. I’m 5’4
  11. My clothes size is a UK 4/6
  12. And my shoe size a UK 4
  13. My first language is Japanese
  14. English is my third language
  15. I HATE soggy/wet food, and I can’t eat anything that is half liquid/half solid
  16. I cannot stand the taste of coriander, even if I just get a whiff it will ruin my appetite
  17. I love baking and thinking up new recipes
  18. But I cannot follow a recipe!
  19. My attention span is extremely short
  20. And I am a masterful procrastinator πŸ™
  21. I have moved house 17 times in 3 different countries
  22. I learnt to drive when I was 19
  23. I cannot stand the UK summer when it is above 28 degrees
  24. Whenever possible, I avoid going outside between 11am – 2pm
  25. I cannot go a day without sun screen
  26. And I prefer crisper clear and cool days to hot, sunny ones
  27. I play the piano
  28. Also the violin (not well)
  29. My favourite food is any kind of potato
  30. I cannot resist a chocolate soufflΓ©
  31. I can’t start my day without a cup of coffee
  32. I eat the same cereal every single morning
  33. I love yoga and it is currently my only form of exercise
  34. Online shopping > actual shopping
  35. If i can stay in sweatpants all day, I will
  36. I love hats, but rarely wear them
  37. I watch A LOT of TV
  38. Disneyland is my favourite place on the planet
  39. And Tokyo DisneySea is my favourite park
  40. I love learning new languages
  41. I secretly love making and designing clothes
  42. Brunch is my favourite meal of the day
  43. I hate driving
  44. I haven’t ridden a bicycle in almost a decade
  45. I have one younger brother
  46. I prefer re-watching films/tv shows because I like knowing how things turn out
  47. My first job was at Gilly Hicks
  48. I have worked in all 4 Abercrombie and Fitch companies
  49. I worked for Abercrombie for 4 years!
  50. I can’t drink anything that is fizzy

So there you have it – 50 facts about me! Phew.

I would love to get to know you too so please leave a comment or reach out to me on my Twitter or Instagram and tell me something about you!
I’ve never done a post like this before so it was super fun to write πŸ˜€

Thanks so much for reading and I will see you in the next one!



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