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For part 2 of the gift guide series, I thought I’d do one for kids, as they’re the second hardest category to buy for (after men!). Recently, more and more of my relatives have been having kids, and as well as buying gifts for cousins and friends children etc, this group can become quite large and you might need some extra ideas for what to get them for Christmas!

It can be particularly difficult because other people might buy the same or similar things as you, and often parents have already bought necessities, learning tools and toys for their kids. I hope that this list brings something a little different, and inspire you for your holiday shopping!

I’ve been doing a lot of teaching recently, and having been a tutor for a long time, a lot of my ideas may be biased towards educational toys which I apologise for in advance!

Please let me know what you’ve been getting for others, I would love to know and get more ideas 😊 Leave any suggestions in the comments down below or let me know on Twitter/Instagram!

Here we go!



1. Philips Disney Sleep Time Night Light – £19.89

What kid (or adult) doesn’t love Disney?! This one is the kid version of the Philips lamp I put on my Gift guide for Him, and I got my brother that! I particularly like the feature of having the little moon or sun light come up on Mickey’s buttons, to let kids know if they should be up or if its time to be in bed. The light is of course safe for kids, and uses LED which means that it will never get hot. Its durable and drop proof, which is a must for anything in a child’s room, and the energy saving LED means that it has a life time of around 20,000 hours!

2. Animal Silicone Night Light – £12.89

This is another night light, which comes in three adorable types of animals, either a RabbitPenguin or Bear (all same price). The soft lighting is easy on the eyes and the materials are washable soft silicone, which is of course BPA free! It even comes with a USB charging port! I love the idea of having a little night light, it doesn’t even have to be for kids. Who doesn’t need a little lighting by their bedside!

3. Timberland – £50 and up

So I recently got this shoe for myself, and I have completely fallen in love with it! I think having a really nice, decent pair of waterproof shoes has made such a big improvement on my quality of life! The Timberland brand is well trusted, and its so easy to pair with anything. This shoe would be in any gift guide for me, and I think its a nice gift to give kids as its something which is a useful addition for the parents as well, as its a very nice pair of shoes that is practical as well.

4. Adidas Gazelle – £30 and up

Another shoe gift, and another one I’ve bought for myself and loved! I think the idea of giving nice shoes is a good gift for parents, as its one less thing they have to buy for their kids, but at the same time might be something nicer than they might’ve bought. I’ve been obsessed with the Adidas Gazelle and Superstar trainers, and I think they’re great for every day wear for anyone.

5. Science Museum Potato Clock – £13.99 (now £11.50!)

As a scientist, I may be a bit biased but I think science and academically based gifts are great for both the kids and the parents! This one not only demonstrates the basic principles of electricity but also would hopefully encourage and ignite children’s interest in the environment and green energy. They are the future of our planet and looking after it, and having experiments which hopefully will inspire them to make a change would be a great present in my eyes! It is said to be suitable for children 4 and over.

6. Microscope and Activity Journal – £36 (now £33.72!)

So its another science inspired gift, this time for children aged 8 and over. This science kit allows kids to carry out their own experiments and record the observations they make. It can also be turned into a light microscope with 30x and 400x magnification. This kind of toy doubles as something that might inspire kids to get into science, and our world certainly needs more researchers in the future.

7. LEGO Watch – £20.99 (now £16.96!)

Kids always want things that adults have, and my cousins for some reason always wanted watches when they were younger! This lego watch is great quality, and the actual watch is a Japanese Seiko watch and is water and scratch resistant. But its also a fun watch for children as its buildable, with DC Comics super heroes and has a built in Superman mini figure. Its links are interchangeable and even comes with a 2 year warranty!

8. Monopoly Board – £29.99

Am I being biased again?! As a lifelong Chelsea fan, I don’t think I could possibly put any other monopoly board here! Monopoly is such a great game (if not a bit long) and actually a great way to teach kids about money and tactics. Of course there are other boards available but I wanted to put this one in as a bit of fun!

9. Kids Astronomical Telescope

I apologise for the repeating theme here, but this one is for perhaps older kids, but still a great present in my opinion! Its a great educational science toy, and a perfect way to introduce youngsters to astronomy. I think letting kids discover and investigating things for their own is a great way to inspire them to learn and do something in the future which might be related to it.

10. Star Chart

One for younger kids, and maybe a household with multiple kids, but this task sheet hopefully will be a great help for parents too! The colours are supper fun, and each section can be filled in to encourage kids to help out around the house and do tasks and chores set out for them, or to get into routines and habits.

I really hope these items give you some inspiration or are what you are looking for, and that you enjoyed reading this! As always, please let me know what you think and what you would’ve added to this list! I’d love to know if you do use any of these and what your thoughts are. If you have kids yourself, what kind of gifts do you want for them? Are there any big no-no’s that we should definitely be avoiding? Let us know please!

See you tomorrow for Blogmas Day 6!

Rina 🙂

***** Disclaimer: Some of these links are affiliate links, which means that I can get a small contribution from amazon if you buy through these links, at no extra cost to you. This post is NOT sponsored  *****

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