how to stay healthy over the holidays
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How to stay healthy during the Holidays

My Top 10 easy tips on how to stay healthy during the holidays!

December can be a busy time, with office parties, Christmas meals and drinks with friends, and family gatherings. And all of this means a lot of food and drink! The festive season brings with it a lot of overindulgence (at least for me!) with plenty of eating out, drinking and desserts.

But this doesn’t have to mean you give in and let the holiday season take you on an unhealthy ride! There are still things you can do to enjoy the holiday season but still keep your body healthy and take time to look after yourself.

Please share any tips or health tricks you use and keep up in your life, I’d love to know! Leave me a comment down below or on twitter/instagram.

how to stay healthy over the holidays

How to stay healthy during the Holidays

Don’t forget – this isn’t just for fitness enthusiasts! It’s just a simple guide on staying healthy and not over indulging over Christmas, without missing out on all the fun!

Keep hydrated

I think this is the most important one, which is why I’m starting off with this! No matter where you are or what you’re doing, make sure you stay hydrated with a glass of water. Keep a water bottle with you if you’re out and about, or if you’re at a meal or drinks session, have a glass of water with you at the table, or make every other one a water! Staying hydrated is so important in general, but even more so if you’re drinking alcohol, or eating out a lot, with lots of salty foods.

Eat vegetables and salads first

Whenever I know I’m indulging myself, or going for multiple meals with lots of desserts, I always try and eat the vegetables and salad on my plate first, so that I’m more likely to fill up on healthier things, rather than going back for seconds or getting a dessert!

Don't skip meals

You might be tempted to skip some meals during the day to make up for the big Christmas meals you’re going to, or to make up for the calories in the alcohol, but this would be a big mistake! Make sure you eat your meals properly, and eat healthier options like wholemeal pastas and rice, with a balance of vegetables and protein, so that you have enough fuel for your nights out. This also makes it less likely for you to go for a late night snack (or McDonald’s!) and also make sure that you have something in your stomach before drinking, which is better for you the next day too!

Have a fitness catch up

People are always more keen to meet up and catch up in the lead up to Christmas, so if you’re going for lunch, tea or drinks with a friend, why not go to a fitness class instead? You could go for a yoga or pilates class, or even a spin class if you’re feeling motivated!

Eat slowly and enjoy the company

Don’t be tempted to wolf down your meals and drinks, but instead eat slowly and enjoy the conversation with friends, family and colleagues! When we eat too fast, we’re not as aware of when we feel full, and we’re more likely to overeat. Take time to enjoy the festivities, and the food!

Get your beauty sleep where you can

There may be days where you have multiple social events booked up in a row, so get your sleep when you can, and allow yourself to sleep in if you’re free! Getting enough sleep is vital for you to keep going during the busy festive season, and we’re also more likely to feel hungry and overeat if we’re hungry!

Exercise when you can

We’re so busy with events that exercise which may be routine any other time of year, can take a back seat and you might not make that yoga class or that run after work. So walk where you can! If you would take the lift, take the stairs. Take the subway or bus? Try to get off a stop early and walk. If you’re meeting up with friends after work, why not walk part or all of your way there? Make sure to stay safe though as the winter nights can get dark!

Allow yourself to snack

If you feel hungry during the day, don’t stop yourself from having a snack because you think you’re going for a high calorie meal or drink after. Instead, when you feel hungry get a cereal bar or a piece of fruit instead, otherwise you’re more likely to over compensate and eat not just quicker but more than you would’ve as well.

Watch your drink

Obvious to state, but harder to do! I’m not much of a drinker, and I’m not afraid to ask for a water or apple juice if someone asks to buy me a drink! Mocktails can be super fun and delicious alternatives to cocktails, minus the calories and hangover! Lighter coloured drinks like a gin and tonic usually contain less calories too, but they can still contain high alcohol content, so be careful! You can also have a glass of water every other drink, which will not only keep you hydrated, but could make sure you don’t ruin the next day with a hangover!

Cook whenever you can

You might be eating out a lot, so where you can cook, don’t be tempted to get a takeaway or a microwave meal instead! Try and have a balanced meal where you can, and if you have a night in at home, make sure not to limit yourself to just salad, and take protein, carbs and vegetables as well!

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Thanks so much for reading, and I hope these tips will be something you can incorporate into your holiday routines! Please share your top tips or struggles as well, I’d love to know what works for you! Leave a comment down below and/or on twitter/instagram, and share the holiday knowledge! 💪

See you in the next one,


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