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Best of J-Beauty – Drugstore

Have you ever tried or heard of J-Beauty? What about K-Beauty?

J-Beauty stands for Japanese Beauty, and K-Beauty for Korean beauty. Both terms have been around for a good few years now, but personally, I’ve been hearing a lot more about K-beauty in the west.

So today, as a Japanese girl, I want to introduce to you the best of J-Beauty! I’ll be talking about my favourite drugstore j-beauty products, from cleansers all the way to moisturisers. They are also all available online, and I’ve put links on all the products!

My love for J-beauty products is real, and have been using them every single day as part of my skincare routine for almost a decade (since I was 15!). I use and love western products as well, but this post is a special on just the Japanese skincare products!

A lot of these have been mentioned in the past in various favourites and routines posts, but I’ve always wanted to do a full on J-Beauty post like this – so I hope you like it 😊

Please share and let me know what you think, and I want to know if you’ve used any of these products or anything J-Beauty!

best drugstore j-beauty products

*** Disclaimer ***
The links on this post may contain affiliate links, where if you click through my links to purchase an item, I may get a small commission from Amazon, at no additional cost to you. This post is NOT sponsored, and all opinions are mine. I have bought all of the products for myself, for my personal use without external influences. For my full disclosure, please visit my disclosure page.


Sana Nameraka Isoflavone Cleansing Foam Wash

I want to start with cleansers, as its the most obvious starting point. There are SO many J-beauty drugstore cleansers that I’m in love with, but have picked three out today which I want to recommend. The SANA Isoflavone range is one of my favourite brands, whether luxury or drugstore, J-beauty or otherwise. I love this brand so much, and their cleanser is one of their best products. Although they have multiple cleansers, this foaming moisturising one is my absolute favourite. I’ve gone through over 10 of these, and I can’t get enough.

Their isoflavone range is all derived from soy extracts, and isoflavones are a great antioxidant. I’ve talked about this product in so many of my favourites and routine posts, but honestly I think this is such an incredible cleanser at such a bargain. The foam which is created is dense, and gets into all the pores cleaning them out. My skin feels so clean and so so so soft.

You can get one for yourself on YesStyle here!

Another Japanese drugstore product I’ve mentioned in past posts. This foam cleanser is made from a special clay and kelp, and is definitely ideal for oilier days. It gives such a deep cleanse, without being an exfoliator. It’s best used with the foaming net, and the dense bubbles that it forms really gets into your pores and cleans them out. I love that this product is SO cheap, and although the Rosette line has multiple paste cleansers, this one and the next one are hands down my favourite ones. Definitely great for those days when you can “feel” your pores getting clogged, or if you can feel like you’ve got a spot coming on.

It’s also available online here

Rosette Hakudei Lift:

From the same brand as the mud cleanser above, this is for brightening the skin. Just to be clear though, brightening is NOT whitening! (Which I do not support!) When my skin has a phase of looking dull and tired, this always perks my skin up and gives it extra hydration. These foam cleansers leave skin squeaky clean but super soft and bouncy. I love them so much because of how they enhance your skin, and leaves it in the perfect condition for the remainder of my skincare routine. 
This paste is packed full of collagen and hyaluronic acid, and again is supposed to be used with a foaming net to produce a foam. The Rosette series of cleansers produce such an incredibly dense foam, so if you have the product in your hand, it won’t fall off your hand if you tip it upside down! This dense tiny foam always gets in and cleans out every pore, and its an amazing feeling.
Get it here on YesStyle!



Your best friend when you need a dense foam! This is my j-beauty secret weapon!! Any paste cleanser will be transformed with this magic net. Squeeze out about 1cm length of cleanser into the foam net with a bit of water, and rub the net together until a dense, stiff foam emerges. You can just rinse it off with water when you’re done, and hang it up in the bathroom to dry. It dries super quick because its just a net, but is utterly essential for the foam creating process!

Get it online here



From Sana, the makers of the soy foam cleanser I mentioned above, their full range also consists of the facial lotions. Their toners range in consistency from light and watery to intensely hydrating and moisturising ones, which are a bit thicker in consistency. 

This one is the hydrating moisture toner, which is a bit thicker in consistency than the watery light toner. I would use this in the winter after the foam cleanse, when I need a bit of extra moisture. Even though its a bit thicker, the product is so easily absorbed into the skin, and doesn’t leave any residue or greasy feeling on the skin. It is super moisturising, especially for a toner, and is just what I need when my skin is feeling very dry.

You can get it here on amazon if you’re interested!


This is the lighter version of the one above, and is a watery and light toner. I love this toner so much, and use it year round, although I prefer the heavier moisturising one in the depths of winter. I love this light toner in the summer, it is absolutely ideal and has a cooling effect on my skin. The consistency is very very light, and is very watery and my skin just drinks it all up.

This is from the isoflavone range as well, and leaves skin so plump and hydrated. I love that it doesn’t leave any kind of residue behind. My skin is instantly hydrated, even though its a toner. Perfect for the summer because it makes my skin super smooth without the sticky texture that some can leave behind.

Again its available online for a bargain here

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Tsururi Point Clay Pack


This is hands down my favourite pore cleanser! I really don’t like using the pore strips, which stick onto your skin. The adhesive can irritate your skin and pull off the top layer of your skin, which is actually so so much worse for your skin! Its the top protection barrier of your skin, and removing this can cause your skin to get more oily to try and make up for it.

This clay mask is amazing, because it doesn’t stick to your skin but cleanses excess oils and sebum by dissolving it into the clay mask. You simply just cover your nose or any problem areas in the paste, and wait around 10 minutes to allow it to dry. Then you just simply rinse off with warm water and go about with the rest of your skin care routine. Its also super disgusting but satisfying to watch the paste get all gross and spotty as it absorbs the dirt!

Its available online here

Quality 1st All in one Moisture Sheet Mask:


This is my favourite face mask – and its SO cheap! It comes as a huge pack, with 70 face masks, soaked in over 700 ml of product. Its super hydrating without being overly greasy. I love that it comes with so many face masks, and because its so cheap, its easy to just pop on after showering before doing the rest of your skincare routine. The sheet mask is really refreshing, and *unpopular opinion(?!)* but I’m usually not a fan of face masks! I find them too heavy and wet, but I love this product! 

You can get it here on amazon

Eye creams

Curél Moisture Eye Zone Essence:

curel_eye_creamThis is another well known drugstore brand in Japan – Curél. They have a wide range of skincare products, and one of my favourites is this eye cream. Its very soft and glides on, which is super important to me because I absolutely cannot tolerate tugging in the under eye area. This is quite light for an eye cream, and is great for when you’re using more heavy serums or if its particularly hot and humid out. Because of the light formula, it doesn’t fall or glide down. I hate the feeling of products kind of seeping down my face instead of being absorbed by the skin. This is great for those hot days when formulas tend to run rather than sink into the skin.

Get it here on amazon


Another one from the Sana isoflavone range is the wrinkle eye cream. This cream is my all-time favourite eye cream! J-beauty drugstore products are vey affordable, and I’m so impressed that this comes with the drugstore price range despite it being an eye cream. I also love the packaging that it comes in. The tube makes it really easy to get the product out, and the cream comes out really thin, so you get exactly the amount you need. This is actually part of their anti ageing range and contains retinol. I’ve been using this since I was a teenager, because I think prevention is key! 

Also, the area under the eye has the thinnest skin, and needs the most special treatment. So in my opinion, you can never start too early! 

Get it online here



This is the facial lotion version of the toners from above. Its in between a toner and a moisturiser, and is still liquid and flows. Its intensely hydrating, and easily absorbed by the skin because its not quite a cream, and is liquid enough to sink in. Definitely the perfect addition to the skincare routine if your skin is super dry, like in the winter months. However, I also love to use it when a heavy moisturiser is too much. In summer, or on days when I’m feeling more oily, it can be a replacement moisturiser. It is a light moisturising lotion, and if I’m using it as an addition, I put it on after serums and treatments. Otherwise, I use it at the end when I would usually put on a cream to seal all the products in.

You can get it here


Curél Intensive Moisture Cream:


Another magical little product from Curél is this amazing moisturiser. I’ve probably gone through about six or seven of these, and they are the perfect cream whatever the season. Its the least greasy moisturiser I’ve used, and seals in all of the other products really well. My skin loves this, and is never greasy when I’m using this. Its intense enough to use in the colder months when my skin gets really dry. But I also love it in the summer, where it makes my skin really soft and smooth, despite the extra sweat and oils, as well as sunscreen. It was the first moisturiser I think I really fell in love with, because I hate that greasy, heavy feeling. It is so amazing how smoothly it goes on, despite being an intensely moisturising cream.

I always get a couple when I’m home in Japan, but they can also be bought online here!


I bought this product on a whim – and I’m so glad I did! I call this the “magic cream” because the texture is amazing! Its this incredible gel, which is super fun to touch! This cream/gel is technically an all-in-one (or 6 in one as they say) and can be used straight after cleanser or toner. I was worried about how greasy it would be because its an all in one, but it was surprisingly smooth! It glides on to the skin, and is absorbed into skin really quickly. When I’m feeling particularly lazy, I love this because I can cleanse (double of course), tone and then apply this gel everywhere! Its definitely one for the evening after a shower and a long day.

Get it online here

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Hope you enjoyed this post and learnt a little something new about J-beauty skincare products☺️I’m so happy to be able to share this with you. Japanese skincare is one of my favourite products, and their drugstore products are some of the best to me!

You definitely don’t have to break the bank to get great quality products, and I hope you will be happier to try out some of the products if you like the sound of them!

Please do let me know any products you’ve tried or want to use, and let me know if there are any other similar posts you would be interested in reading!

As always, thank you so much for reading, and I hope you like it!

See you in the next one,


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best drugstore j-beauty products best drugstore j-beauty products


  • Cheryl Oreglia

    Perfect timing for this information on skin products. This cold weather has turned my skin so dry and I’ve been considering what to do! I’m excited to try the masks, eye treatments and lotions! Thanks for sharing your knowledge in skin care products! Excellent post!

    • Rina Kay

      My skin really needs the extra love right now too – winter is brutal! Thank you so much, please do let me know what you think of them! I hope they are helpful 🥰🥰 Thanks so much for reading and commenting! X

  • Chloe Chats

    I really enjoyed reading this post, so many of these products sound amazing!! I love the sound of the Tsururi Point Clay pack, the fact that it doesn’t stick to your skin sounds fab, there’s so many things like that out there that just are super gooey and stick to your face and it doesn’t feel great. Also love the sound of the Curel Intensive Moisture cream, I’m alwayss a big fan of moisturisers! And especially those that make your skin feel soft and smooth. Fab post! <3

    Chloe xx

    • Rina Kay

      Thank you so much Chloe! I love love love the tsururi clay mask, its incredible! Nothing cleans out my pores as much and leaves it as smooth. Please do let me know if you try any of them! X

  • Baby Boomer Super

    Wow, I didn’t know the adhesive strips could strip off part of your skin! Not good.
    This is such an informative post – thanks for sharing so many different products in one post!

    The Rosette Kaidei Smooth product looks really interesting! Clay and kelp are both wonderful ingredients for skincare – very purifying! My daughter likes to use the sheet masks, but I haven’t tried one yet.

    I’ve been using Miessence products for years, and just tried their newest organic beauty line “Orient” which I love. The Orient skincare line is 30% off for the entire month of March, in honor of International Women’s Day. https://orient.one.organic/aromatherapist/en/

    • Rina Kay

      Thank you so much! I’m so glad you found something new 🙂 Yes! The rosette cleanser is absolutely amazing! I’ve been using their products since I was a teenager and just never looked back – they are super affordable as well which I love. Ohh I haven’t heard of it – I will be sure to check it out 😀 Thank you so much for reading and commenting X

    • Rina Kay

      They’re so amazing! I love them so much 😍I may be biased but I love J-beauty products so much – especially the drugstore ones. I find them so affordable yet so effective. Thanks so much for reading! X

  • Geraldine

    I LOVE THIS POST!! I’ve always wanted to try J Beauty products and there is just so much that I don’t know where to start. I’ve never heard of Isoflavone so this was something new that I learned! I really want that pore cleaner haha that looks so gross but cool like you said! I didn’t realize Curel was a Japanese brand!! I have used their products before and I think it’s nice!! Thank you for sharing girly!

    Geraldine | https://geraldinetalks.com

    • Rina Kay

      Thank you so much Geraldine – that makes me so happy! Please please let me know if you try any of them, I’d love to know your thoughts on them. They’re super affordable but amazing, so I love them so much. Thank you so much for reading! X

  • aisasami

    You know, even though I live in Japan, I never use these products. I use the cheap, 100 yen stuff. I am bad a beauty. But, it is expensive here. I have seen these products before.

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