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January Favorites

I’m back with a favorites post!

I’ve been completely rubbish at posting this month, which I’m so disappointed in myself after completing Blogmas last month. Hopefully I will be back to a regular posting schedule once I become self hosted and manage to sort everything out!

But for now, its the first favorites post of the year, and I’m so excited about this one. I genuinely discovered and loved so many things this month, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

If you also love anything on my list, please let me know! And please share anything you’ve been loving recently too, I’d love to know 🙂 Leave me a comment down below or on twitter/instagram, and I can’t wait to discover something new!

best of january 2019

Genoptics aura essence – SK-II


I had heard the rave about this for years and years, and wanted to try it for as long as I can remember. And is the hype worth it? YES! It is honestly better than what I was expecting, and it is so worth it, even though it is verging on unaffordable.

I got this treasure as a Christmas present from my partner, and I am SO grateful, because it has been amazing! I’ve been using this product in the morning, because I have a night time skin routine which is working for me at the moment. But the aura essence has been protecting my face against the harsh winter, and my skin has never been so hydrated and so soft.

My skin feels like it is getting clearer and brighter, even after just a few weeks of using it. I think of it as magic liquid!


The water cream – Tatcha


This product isn’t new on my blog, and I’ve been talking about it for months now, but I finally have a full sized version of this, and since I’ve started using this daily to seal in all the other products, my skin has been glowing and has never been better. I find that it works really well with the SK-II aura essence, and my skin feels silky smooth and soft, and not greasy at all.

I love this formula because of the lightness of the product, and how it doesn’t clog pores or feel heavy. Its a really great product to use at the end of my skincare routine, and seals in all the other goodness to protect my skin from the harsh cold.


Why we sleep – Matthew Walker


I was recommended this book by my therapist back in October last year, but didn’t get round to reading it until this year, but I’m so glad that I finally did!

Matthew Walker is a Professor of Neuroscience at CalTech, and is a specialist in sleep. He teaches us about the importance of sleep, and how it can influence pretty much every single aspect of our waking life. It can make us smarter, happier and healthier, but also can ward off things such as cancer and Alzheimer’s later in life. It has really changed the way I look at sleep, as not just a thing we all do every night to recharge, but as a mental and physical process which is absolutely crucial and essential for life.

Without good sleep, we can’t have a good waking life, and sleep should be prioritized and looked at with something that is vital to our well being, and we should try our upmost to ensure we get a good nights shut eye every single night.

Things like not using my phone at least an hour before bed, and having a night and morning routine have all been things that I have been trying to incorporate since reading this book. I cannot recommend it enough!


Sleep tracker – Fitbit

Following on from Matthew Walkers book, it seems like perfect timing that I got a Fitbit from my Mom at Christmas. The sleep tracking feature has become my favorite thing that the Fitbit tracks, and I love looking at my sleep analysis every morning. Its really interesting to see how your sleep cycle correlates with your mood and well being during the day, and not only that but you can usually predict how you slept before looking at the analysis just by assessing how you’re feeling when you first wake up.

The Fitbit also helps to regulate sleeping habits for me, as you can set multiple silent alarms on it, reminding me if its time to switch off, time to go to bed, and time to wake up. I love that you can set a night and morning time goal, so you can see if you hit your bed time or wake up time goal everyday, and get a little star if you do!

It also gives you a star if you sleep for 8 – 9 hours, so you feel like you really accomplished something from so early in the morning (if you read Matthew Walker’s book you realize that your brain is achieving so much whilst you’re asleep).


Sex education – Netflix


My partner and I started watching this show, and watched around 3 episodes per week so only took 3 weeks to finish the series! Its a super funny and well made show following a group of teenagers at a school in England. The main character has a mom who is a sex therapist, and he starts a similar clinic at school with a girl in his year.

It actually touches on and represents a lot of issues which you encounter at that age, and how the characters deal with it. Watching as adults, you can really appreciate how hard it is to be a teen sometimes, and clearly see how you would process things or do things differently as an adult. People often forget that teenagers are still developing, and have physically different brains from adults. It can seem stupid or irrational, but the teenage brain lacks a developed prefrontal cortex, and these decisions and experiences they chose to make are important lessons for them.

At the same time, this show is light and funny enough to laugh at, and watch after a long day at work.


Matcha latte – Pret a manger

The fact that Pret now serve matcha latte was life changing news for me! Well even if it wasn’t exactly life changing, it has become my number 1 treat during work. This recipe is made from rice and coconut milk alternative, and although at first I thought it tasted a bit weird, now that I got used to the new taste has become completely addicting and I cannot get enough of it.

I love making this my study and work treat, and having this to look forward to or work towards. The fact that its made of rice and coconut milk alternative is also great, and I love the fact that its introduced me to another great milk alternative which isn’t soy (which I also love).

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you like some of the things above, please do let me know if you try any of them! Also share any of your favorites too, I’d love to know!

Connect with me here on wordpress or on twitter/instagram, and hopefully I’ll be self hosted by the next post!

See you in the next one!


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