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July Favourites

I cannot believe we are into the EIGHTH month of 2018 already! I’m so excited for August – I’m going to the states for work and a long weekend holiday, so I hope to have lots of content to share with you all later on this month 😀

But here’s a round up of all my favourite things from July 🙂 hope you enjoy and please share your favourites with me in the comments sections down below.


SKINCARE  – Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonis Spritzer

This toner from Liz Earle has been incredible during the heat wave of 2018. I LOVE the spritzer bottle for this, and spraying this product on my face after I wash it is so refreshing and cooling, I find myself doing it more than just during my skincare routine. It smells amazing, and my skin feels so soft and smooth, and reduces any redness I may be having from the heat. This is honestly one of my all-time favourite toners and is a must have item in the long, hot days of the summer.



MAKEUP – Dior Show Iconic Mascara

I’m not one of those people with endless beautiful curled lashes, rather mine are very thin and go straight down. I need mascara which is light and comes with a small applicator want. I got this mascara from Dior after reading some reviews that it is a great light formula, and I definitely haven’t been disappointed! This has quickly become my go to mascara, and use it for almost any day. It works great without lash primer too, and lasts a full day, even in the current heat in the UK.


MAKEUP – Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara

I am not one of those blessed with long, luscious lashes and those also apply to my bottom lashes. I watched hundreds of YouTube tutorials where they teach you how to apply our regular mascara onto your bottom lashes by using the tip of the wand, but I never succeeded in getting it done properly, and always ended up with mascara all over my eyes. I was sceptical about this mascara as I don’t have many lashes to start with, but since getting it from John Lewis this product has been AMAZING. I cannot leave the house now without applying it lightly to my bottom lashes, and it really makes a huge difference to how much bigger my eyes look. I’m so happy with this product and definitely wasn’t expecting it to make such a massive difference to the way I do my eyes and my overall look.


CLOTHES – UNIQLO Pink Midi Chiffon Skirt

This skirt from UNIQLO is one of three I have, in light pink, black and white. I adore this light pink colour and I think its perfect for summer. Its so easy to wear and pair with, that I’ve been wearing it to meetings, catch ups and garden parties! It was on sale for £9.90 down from £24.90 and I can never say no to a good bargain! The material is so light and comfortable, and the texture is so breezy which has been amazing during this (somewhat unbearable) heat wave in the UK.

Me on the right, with my current absolute favourite summer skirt

BOOK – The Last Mrs Parrish

I bought this on Amazon after watching a favourites video from Jenn Im, and she was right! I ended up finishing this book in around two days because once you get into it, you really can’t put it down. It started off a bit slow for me, but really picked up the pace and by one third in, I was hooked. Its about a girl who aspires to become a woman who she thinks is perfection, and tries to steal her life by planning out every detail and scheming. Things take an abrupt turn (or two or three!) and this story keeps putting you on your toes, it really is a great summer novel for anyone looking for an enjoyable read.


ACCESSORIES – Baseball Cap

IMG_1628This is my last favourite of 2018 – a simple cap I got from Amazon during one of the many, long days of the heatwave. I desperately needed a hat to wear out when I was just popping to the shops of down the road, and didn’t want to wear a huge sunhat. I wasn’t expecting much for £3 but this turned out to be a great purchase! Its a very random inclusion but I feel like I’ve worn this hat on most days during this summer, and it is much much better than I anticipated. Its a great quality and feel, and does the job great. I’ve been wearing it not just when I go on small errands but when I go to the park or see friends too. Its so cheap that you’re not afraid to take it with you when you think you might loose it, which was an issue with me with the large sun hats I own. You can just attach this cap to the straps of your bags and you’re good to go!

Hope you enjoyed my favourites for the month, and let me know yours in the comments or @_rinakay on Twitter or @rinakay on Instagram!

Thank you so much for reading, and I’ll see you in the next one.



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