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London Bucket List

My London bucket list!

Next up on my new #TravelTuesday series is London! I’ve lived in London for over 12 years now, so I thought it was about time I added a London travel related post, and I’m starting off with a must-do bucket list!

Last week I did a bucket list for Tokyo, my amazing hometown. You can check it out here if you haven’t already! Discovering new places in cities I know well is always so exciting, and I love hearing your ideas and thoughts. Also, please do let me know what city you think I should do next, I’m really enjoying this new travel series!

Please share this with anyone who might be interested – if someone is traveling to the English capital, or if someone lives here and has something to add. I’m always keen to expand my horizons and try something new, so please do let me know!

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What's to do in London?

There’s an old quote that gets said a lot:

When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.
Samuel Johnson

Now as a Londoner, I don’t actually know that is true. But if you’re coming to visit or explore London, then yes! There is no time to be bored, there is so much to be doing!

This is my London Bucket List – it’s not a comprehensive travel guide. But I hope that it’s a fun little list of to-do’s! I know travel guides can be long, and I will be doing one for London soon. This is just a quick whistle-stop list of what you shouldn’t miss in London.

Now this isn’t what a typical Londoner does, but it will give you a great sense of what London has to offer!

Have you been to London? Or do you live here? Let me know if you’d add anything else! I’d love to know what you think, and also discover something new in this crazy place.

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My London bucket list!

  1. Watch the sunrise from Primrose Hill
  2. Walk down the Pall Mall
  3. Admire the Thames from the Southbank
  4. Walk across the Jubilee bridge at sunset
  5. Catch a football game at Stamford Bridge (or any other London team – not as good 😉)
  6. Grab some lunch at Borough market
  7. Have afternoon tea at the Savoy
  8. Sing-a-long to a musical at the West End
  9. Feed the ducks at the ponds in Hampstead Heath
  10. Ride a bike through Hyde Park
  11. And while you’re there go to the Serpentine Galleries
  12. Eat some dim sum in China Town
  13. Go to a pub on Camden Passage and take in the old – timely village street
  14. Take a photo with Nelson’s Column (Trafalgar square)
  15. Then pop into the National Gallery and look at some Monet
  16. Pay the rare entry ticket to St. Paul’s Cathedral and admire it’s magnificence
  17. Walk across the millenium bridge from St. Paul’s to Tate Modern
  18. Modern art viewing at Tate Modern
  19. Have a cuppa in the Tate Modern viewing Tower
  20.  Ride on a London Bus (to anywhere!)
  21. Have a curry on Brick Lane
  22. Shop on Oxford Street
  23. And window shop on Regents Street
  24. Go to Selfridges and pop into their food hall
  25.  Have some peace and quiet at the Japanese Gardens in Holland Park
  26. And then explore the Design museum

    Still with me?!

  27. Be amazed at nature at the Natural History Museum
  28. If you’re there while its on, visit the incredible Wildlife Photography of the Year exhibit
  29. Go next door to the Science Museum
  30. And then head next door again to the amazing Victoria and Albert Museum
  31. Get lost in the maze that is the British Museum
  32. Have some traditional fish and chips
  33. Go to the pub in St. Catherine’s docks
  34. For some time out of the city centre, go to Hampton Court Palace
  35. And take the boat to Kingston-upon-Thames
  36. Hang out with deers in Richmond Park
  37. Then admire the beauty of flowers at the Isabella Plantation
  38. Watch the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace
  39. Sunbathe (weather permitting!) on the deck chairs in Green Park
  40. If it’s cold, go ice-skating at Somerset House or Alexandra Palace
  41. And get a hot chocolate or mulled wine from Winter Wonderland (in Hyde Park)
  42. Buy a classic LONDON t-shirt and be a proud tourist!
  43.  Take in the night time view of London from the London Eye
  44. Have a fancy lunch at Aqua Shard
  45. And then go up the Shard observation tower
  46. If you’re not up for paying for a view, check out the Sky Gardens for a free ticket to a panoramic view of the city
  47. Feel fancy walking down Old Bond Street
  48. And have brunch at The Wolsely
  49. Have a traditional Sunday Roast at literally any pub
  50. And watch some football while you’re there
  51. Take the tube!
  52. Navigate through the Shoreditch night life

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What's on your London bucket list?

Do you live in London? Or have you been there? Please let me know what else you would add to this list! I’d love to know 🙂 

As always, thank you so much for reading. Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment down below or hit me up on twitter and/or instagram!

See you in the next one,


london bucket list rina kay pinterestlondon bucket list rina kay pinterest


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