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Mother’s Day Ideas

Its almost Mother’s day here in the UK – Sunday 31st March

I love my Mom more than anything, and I LOVE mother’s day because its an excuse to spoil her and treat her with baked goods and remind her of how much she means to all of us.

The US and Japan has mother’s day in May, so I know this is only in the UK, but I wanted to share some ideas.

Do you celebrate Mother’s day? What are your plans if you have any? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to get some new ideas as well.



Mother's day plans


A mother’s day breakfast in bed is a classic! I love this idea because moms are so busy, its nice to treat them at the start of the day. Its also much easier to keep as a surprise if you start in the morning!

Waking up a bit earlier and making pancakes or waffles is so simple, especially if you pre-make the batter the night before. Some fruits, washed, chopped and arranged can make any plate look amazing, and adds the healthy factor to an indulgent breakfast.

If your moms not really the type for breakfast, or the sweet stuff, brunch either at home or out is another great way to treat moms. Anything to start off her day, making it that extra little bit special.



A mother’s day lunch is something we haven’t done in a while, but I still love the idea all the same. I usually prefer to take my mom out to make it more special, and its something the whole family can enjoy

Especially if the weather is a little better, a garden pub or café can make a lovely afternoon. After lunch walks are one of my favourite things ever, so why not hit the local foods and parks this weekend!


Afternoon tea

This one is my personal favourite – because I LOVE baking and making treats! Its super over the top and luxurious, and has a little bit of everything.

Going out for afternoon tea can be a really special occasion, getting dressed up and feeling fancy. But I also love having afternoon tea at home, and the extravagantness of it really makes it that extra bit special. I love my mom, and I want her to know that she is amazing, and that she is worth every single drop of effort.

I have my two favourite recipes listed below which I made for my mom last mother’s day

Recipe ideas

Pistachio and courgette lemon cake


I love love love lemon drizzle, and was super keen to find a new way to make it, without all the flour and sugar. This recipe uses courgettes and yoghurt instead, for a super lemony tasty treat.

My brother, who LOVES lemon drizzle but hates courgettes, couldn’t tell the difference and ate over half! These cakes are super simple to make, and turn out perfectly every single time. The added pistachios make this even better, and is my favourite way to enjoy a lemon drizzle.

You can check out my recipe right here!


Chocolate chip cookies

yummy-cookies-recipe delicious

My mom said that these were the best cookies she’s ever had – and she still says that the cookies I made her last Mother’s day was the best! These were so easy to make, really simple and super more-ish. I couldn’t stop eating them and neither could my family.

This recipe only has 8 ingredients, but also is great as a base to add other goodies like nuts and fruits. It can also be replaced with other chocolate, or a mixture. I usually make these with dark chocolate, but I’ve done raspberry and white chocolate, milk chocolate and even done matcha!

They’re perfect for a treat with tea and coffee, or as part of afternoon tea. I even makes for a great gift or goodie bag, wrapped up in a pretty dinner napkin with a ribbon.

You can check out my recipe here!

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Gift ideas

If you’re more the type to give gifts, or if you’re not able to spend mother’s day in person together, sending something can still remind her you’re in her thoughts and hopefully brighten up her day.

Whenever I give my mom something, I want it to be just for her, and something a little indulgent. I don’t usually get her things like cooking items, but instead something which is a little luxury in her daily life.

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Hope you enjoyed reading this mother’s day special, and it inspires some ideas for the day or gifts for the special woman in your life.

Let me know what you think, and share your ideas with me 🙂 

See you in the next one,



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