my favourite christmas films

My favourite Christmas films

My favourite Christmas Films

Another day, another list! This time it’s for my favorite Christmas films! Another quick fun one today, please share your favorite must-see films during this holiday season – I don’t think I know or watch enough Christmas movies!

What are your favorite Christmas films? Let me know in the comments! 

my favourite Christmas films

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My favourite Christmas Films

die hard favourite christmas films

love actually

the nightmare before christmas



elf favourite christmas movies

home alone.jpg

home alone 2 favourite christmas movies

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So as you can tell, I really don’t know enough Christmas films, or watch enough so please please let me know what I should be watching, I’d love to discover new films!

Share them with me down below in the comments or on twitter/instagram 😊

See you in the next one,


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my favourite Christmas films my favourite Christmas films


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