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You didn’t think I was gonna miss my monthly favourites round up because of Blogmas did you?! Heheh definitely not in the “norm” or Christmas related, but I love doing these posts so much so my first ever Blogmas is going to start with a favourites post!

I’ve talked a lot about some of these products already in either my huge skincare and makeup haul I did, but I have genuinely loved them so thought they deserve a special mention in my favourites!

November has been full of ups and downs, but all in all has been super busy. I struggled a lot with returning to work after almost 10 months, and my fight against my University continues. But hoping that I can sort everything out and have a more positive outlook this month! Let me know what products you’ve been loving this month, either down below or on twitter/instagram. I’d love to hear from you!


Tony Moly Panda Cool Eye Serum Stick – £9.00

I talked about this in my Skincare and Makeup Haul recently, as well as the next 3 items (oops) but I really am loving them so much! This eye serum is SO cute, and applies so evenly and feels cool and refreshing. Even though its a stick form and kind of balm like, it doesn’t tug at the sensitive skin under the eye at all, and glides on super smoothly.


Vaseline + SPF 15 Lip Balm – £3.14

I talked about this briefly before, but thought it deserves a mention in my favourites, at long last! I’ve been using Vaseline lip balm for the longest time, and I can always trust and rely on the quality, and what effect it will have on my dry lips. I especially gravitate towards this during the colder months, and although it does leave my lips feeling just the tiniest bit sticky, its worth it and cures my chapped lips in no time. I love that this version has SPF 15 as well, as its perfect for the winter sun. Don’t forget that your lips need sun protection too!


BeautyBlender Solid Cleanser – £15.00 (currently £12.56!)

This cleanser has become my most used and most trusted tool to ensure my sponges and brushes are cleaned and back to their softest. This doesn’t dry out the bristles on the brushes, and isn’t harsh for the BeautyBlender (it was made by them!) and leaves both looking almost new again! I’ve used this on multiple brushes, including drugstore brushes such as Real Techniques and Eco Tools, and its never let me down. It comes with a little pink brush pad as well if your brushes or sponge need a scrubbing, but don’t worry – its made of silicone and is super soft and won’t damage it.


Sephora Travel Brush

I’ve already talked about this as well, but this has been so amazing, I really cannot get enough of this brush. Its super soft, even after washing, and you can take it with you anywhere as its retractable and has a lid. I can’t even describe how soft this brush is, and the application from it is so even and light. I use it to set my foundation, and have started using it every day! Its infused with charcoal so is anti bacterial, and cleans really well and doesn’t dry out and the bristles don’t become brittle.

Natoora Pumpkin

So this is definitely one of the more random favourites I’ve had, but I’m been loving the Natoora pumpkins (I get mine from Ocado). I’ve been turning it into soups mainly, but also made a pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving which turned out great and was a hit with the whole family! These pumpkins are really sweet, not as sweet as the Japanese Kabocha ones, but are really delicious and make a great soup. My partner and I can’t get enough of creamy pumpkin soup at the moment as the weather here in London has been miserable, but its also great roasted!

I’ve recently been loving SnapFish, the online photo printing service. They do a wide range of things, and I ordered some things from their site and its so easy to use! Their editing tool is straight forward and they have a lot of pre-made designs and adorable embellishments which you can add to your creation. Its also not just photo printing and albums, they have personalised cushions, towels, mugs, water bottles and much much more! You can add a photo to anything, as well as text and whatever else you fancy. I had so much fun creating my own personal designs and I also think they would make great presents 😉 This is NOT an ad btw!


Hope you’ve enjoyed reading and found some new products/things to try out 🙂 Let me know what you think and what you’re currently loving, and of course also if you have tried any of them before! I’d love to know if you do use any of these and what your thoughts are.

See you tomorrow for Blogmas Day 2!

Rina 🙂

***** Disclaimer: Some of these links are affiliate links, which means that I can get a small contribution from amazon if you buy through these links, at no extra cost to you. This post is NOT sponsored, and I have bought all these products myself without any influence. *****

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