secret santa gift guide for all budgets

Secret Santa Gift Guide for all Budgets

What to get your Secret Santa: Gift guide for all budgets

My secret Santa gift guide for all budgets! I’ve got separate sections for gifts under £5, £10 and £20.

Its that time of year again, and there’s always an inevitable group secret Santa, whether its for colleagues at the office or with a group of friends. In my experience, secret Santa budgets always tend to be under £10, so the majority of my gift ideas are in this price range, but I’ve got a few others above £10 as well! 

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secret santa gift guide for all budgets rina kay

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Secret Santa
Gifts under £5

Funny spider coaster

I Made it with my Bum CoasterIn this price range, I usually try and look for funny and/or cute but also not complete rubbish! This coaster is practical, and can be used at home or the office! I don’t know why but it makes me laugh every time!

alpaca penThis funny alpaca pen makes me laugh! It’s so funny looking but again, it’s something that can be used and isn’t just clutter! You can get one on amazon right here!

panda sticky notesThis would be so cute to have on your desk at home or at the office to make quick memos on when you’re in a rush! You can stick them up as well which makes for cute decorations around your workplace!

cat Phone Holder, Cell Phone Finger Ring HolderI’ve got a phone ring myself, and it is so useful for just having your phone prop itself up. This one can be stuck on any phone, so you won’t need to know what phone your secret Santa has. Get it here on amazon.

Collins A4 Weekly DeskpadI would love this planner on my desk at work, as I write a to-do list, week summary, day summary and meetings/appointments I’ve got at the start of every week and day in my notebook! This would be so ideal for someone who likes to be organized. You can find it here on amazon.

Secret Santa
Gifts under £10

Mobile Phone Camera Lens Kit Phone LensAnother thing I have and love, is the wide angle lens. You can use this for any phone and it is so useful for taking group pictures, landscapes or just whenever you want more in the shot than your phone allows. Get it here on amazon!

Letter Large Beach Tote BagThis is a great gift for someone because not only is it super useful and versatile, hopefully, it will encourage people to use less plastic and is personalized too! Get it right here on amazon.

NUXE Christmas Cracker Skincare Gift SetPerfect for anyone who loves a bit of pampering and luxury, it’s in a fun Christmas cracker as well, which gives it a festive touch!

dozen penguin hotel chocolatI know people say chocolates for secret Santa’s are boring, but how can you say that with these adorable penguin ones?! And they’re from Hotel Chocolat so you know they’re gonna be delicious.

365 bullet guide

Another one for the organized person, this journal even contains ideas and techniques such as habit trackers, sleep logs and handwriting exercises. It encourages you to write in it every day and stay organized for the whole year! You can get it here on amazon (it also comes in Kindle edition!)

Secret Santa Gifts
£20 and under

mickey mouse usb key chainI love Disney so this is the PERFECT USB stick/flash drive! This is a cute way to make sure you never go without and have it loop around your keys for safekeeping. Get this Mickey mouse one or one of the many other Disney characters on Amazon.

Panda Hug Mug with Biscuit Holder So Pandas are adorable, and this mug comes with a little cookie or biscuit holder so you can have your tea and snack in one place! It makes the panda hug your treat as well, which is just too cute and just what you need with your afternoon snack. Get it on Amazon here!

Secura Cafetière French Press Coffee MakerFor the coffee lover, this is another thing that can be used at home or in the office. If your secret Santa can’t go without a caffeine kick, this cafetiere would be perfect to have on their desk for a quick pick me up. Get it here on amazon.

i could eat a horse pasta measureOne for a family man/woman or who loves a bit of pasta, or for someone who’s always hungry! I wish I had this at home so I know exactly how much pasta I need to make, as I always seem to get it wrong! This is genuinely useful, but having the horse for the people that say “I’m so hungry, I could eat a horse” makes it funny as well. Get it on Amazon, right here.

travel scratch off map

For the office or group traveler, this map can be almost like a bucket list, where you scratch off all the countries you’ve been to, so you can reveal the color underneath! You can get one on amazon here.

Hotel Chocolat The Christmas Goody Bag Secret SantaAnother chocolate-based gift, another beauty from Hotel Chocolat! This is the gift that keeps giving, with individually packed snacks for a little pick me up whenever you need it!

liz earle classic secret santa gift set

I couldn’t resist putting a Liz Earle product here, and this hot cloth cleanser set is only perfect for a friend or colleague, who you want to show some appreciation for! It comes in a cute case and also with the cotton cloth, so you don’t need anything extra.

game boy alarm clock

How about a bit of nostalgia?! It is such a great gift for any 80’s or 90’s kid who grew up with the classic game boy! You can get one on amazon here.

If your budgets are higher than the ones I’ve listed here, please check out my other gift guides below, and I hope these are more what you’re looking for!

Gift guides for:

I really hope these items give you some inspiration or are what you are looking for, and that you enjoyed reading! As always, please let me know what you think and what you would’ve added to this list!

See you in the next one,


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secret santa gift guide for all budgets rina kay secret santa gift guide for all budgets rina kay secret santa gift guide for all budgets rina kay


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