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September favourites

After an entire MONTH without a phone (it got damaged in a storm in Florida) I’m finally back on twitter and my blog. I will be back to my usual posting schedule now that I have my phone back!

August was a crazy, busy and exciting month with my first trip to the US since I was 1 years old, with a conference in Florida and a mad tourist trip to New York.

September was another jam packed couple of weeks, kicking off with a trip to Lisbon, and then attending a beach wedding in the beautiful Costa da Caparica in Portugal, before heading north to Porto. I also moved house, and returned to work after being away on sick leave since January.

From all the travelling around, I got the chance to try out new products as well as rely on some favourites for my travels. And of course, I went to Sephora and will have a haul post coming up real soon!


La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo[+] Unifiant

In the long UK heatwave, the Florida summer and the heat in Portugal, I turned to tinted moisturiser instead of foundation. I found the foundation would start sliding and wearing off in the heat, whereas tinted moisturiser is much lighter on the skin, and isn’t as obvious if it wears off during the day. Most importantly, I didn’t want anything on my face that was heavy during the day, and this La Roche Posay daily care cream actually worked as another step in my daily morning skincare routine, and kept my skin hydrated and not greasy.

As far as I can tell, there is NO SPF in the formula, so if you are using something similar be sure to use sun screen first.

Tatcha The Deep Cleanse

IMG_0029One of the brands I discovered this year is Tatcha, on my trip to the US version of Sephora. I fell completely in love with both the deep cleanse and the water cream, which I used while travelling around Portugal. The cleanser leaves your skin silky soft and smooth, and it acts as a gentle daily exfoliator, which I really needed during the summer. My skin was clear and happy even with all the travelling, and there was none of that gross feeling on my face when I travel, but instead really made me feel clean and fresh.

Tatcha The Water Cream

The water cream, another of Tatcha’s bestsellers, deserves the reputation that it has. It isn’t greasy at all, doesn’t clog pores, and after applying it leaves your face super hydrated and firm. It doesn’t feel heavy at all, and I was happy to use it in the heat of the summer, before applying makeup everyday. The cream is almost gel like in texture, and really seals in all of the other serums and treatments that you apply before.

Fresh Rose Floral Toner

I got this toner after Jenn Im recommended it in her last favourites video, and she said she swore by it before her wedding. It smells amazing, and is so refreshing to use. I didn’t use it on a cotton pad but got the spray bottle type and spritzed it directly on my face and patted the product in. It absorbs really well, and ensures none of that “tight feeling” you get after cleansing and showers.

Tangle Teezer

I bought this in a Portugal Sephora, after I forgot my hairbrush in London as an emergency brush, but its become my main hairbrush ever since! I know I’m late to the tangle tweezer scene, but it is honestly a great compact hair brush, and detangles any messy hair or kinks, but without any pain or tugging at all. I really love the colour I got, Rose Gold, and I love that the compact version comes with a cover/lid and is small enough to fit in pretty much any handbag.


My las favourite this month is the new Netflix show Maniac, starring Emma Stone and Jonah Hill. Its definitely different to anything I’ve ever watched, but I really enjoyed the different themes and interpretations of the show. The acting on it is incredible, and you really get immersed in their bizarre world from episode 1. If you’re looking for a new Netflix show to binge watch, definitely give this a try!

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope that from now on, I’ll be back to my posting schedule.

Please share any of your favourites or recommendations in the comments below and let me know what you think!

See you in the next one,



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